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Stopping Discrimination Against White People!

Now is the time for all good men and women come to the aid of their country and the genocide of the "American White Culture".

All adults have seen the destruction of our quality of living, the decline of morality in the world, and the elimination of God from our homes and our lives. 

Politicians and the courts systems in America and around the world are corrupt and criminal by the nature of their very actions.  They will eventually be smitted and destroyed.  In the meantime, they setup conflict between peoples od different cultures and ethnincity. 

In the words of Dr. Thomas Harris, "Games People Play", propaganda in governments decree one group shall fight and destroy another group, thus eliminating an emeny of the state. 

Now is the time for all good men and women around the earth, regardless to color or culture....... resist the movement to harm or discriminate against other cultures and peoples.


Our Mandate

We, the White People of America and around the world, do swear by our forefathers and our posterity, to stop the genocide of people of all faiths, colors and cultures on earth.  Further, we shall resist those that use misinformation, political correctness, and propaganda for any purpose against any people.

We the humans of earth, have rights, to the preservation of our standard of living, truth, justice and moral actions, both in our own lives and the interaction with others.  We will fight to the less drop of our blood to destroy that and those that are evil and without God's Holy Word.

Genocide of White People Is Illegal!
Gavel Banging

NEW World Government is mandating the destruction of White People around the worlkd today.  When the genocide of white people is done, then there will be nothing to stop the genocide of those left on earth.  God help all of Us!

We must stand united or surely perish separately! 

PO BOX 4183    Austin, Texas