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Our members, in the day to day management of their lives and the lives of their families, have found obvious and concentrated efforts by indidividuals and groups to cause harm and destruction of civil rights and constitution gaurantees. 
Racial predjudice, religious discrimination, and economic greed within class levels of the social strata, used by elitists anti-socials, both to descimate and eliminate by genocide  shall we, the NAAWP resist for our posterity and the population of this world.

Department Directors and Coordinators;
Dr. Jim Emmons    NAAWP Director
Joyce Young         Operations Director
Joann Huffman     Family Resource Director
JoAnn Zapp          Human Resource Director
Marcy Rodriquez  Field Supervisor 
Docia  Bellamy     Membership Coordinator

Join us, for the protection of our race, our posterity and our American families.  Without the enforcement of morals and laws governing social mores, there will alwsays be those that discriminate, hate and harm those peoples unlike themselves.  Laws of man and God are the only hope of ourselves and our posterity.



Our staff looks forward to assisting our members with their concerns, both on locla issues and national issues.  Email us and let's get things corrected.

Our Programs

If we offer programs or services, we'll include a list of them here.          
 Washington, D.C. Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah Los Angeles/Los Vegas
PO BOX 4183, Austin, Texas 78765  

For membership application, click on "Contact Us".   Our national convention in  August, 2007 will elect new national leadership and pass agenda for 2008-09.  Most of Hollywood will be there, along with speakers on national issues for civil rights and family issues. 

PO BOX 4183    Austin, Texas