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Recent and Upcoming Events
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Recent and Upcoming Events

Our national convention will be at the Mairage Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 17-21.
Issues Addressed (Forum Sessions),
Iraq War (Viet Nam Revisited)
Illegal Immigration Solutions
Alternative Energy Alternatives Exposed
Private Certified Professional and Vocational Training
National Health Care Addressed  For Citizens of U.S. of A,
Universal Living Wage
Elimination of IRS
Standard Taxation
Two Term Congressmen
Civil Independent Oversight of all Government
Media Disclosure of Racial Crimes Nationally
Monthly Desktop Composition
National Distance Learning/Vocational Qualification
Fighting the destruction of American White Culture   

Recent Events

July 4th,2006 National Picnic, Reno, Nevada
Barbecue picture, 240 pixels wide
Good food, good fellowship, international disclosure of the white genocide worldwide.  Seeing the children playing together, gave all of us renewed energy to stop the criminal elements of the world trying to eliminate the white culture. 

Upcoming Events

August 15-21, 2006 -  National Convention of NAAWP, Mirage Hotel, Los Vegas, Nevada.
September 1,2007  -   start of the fall term of American Caucasian University, (distance learning)

We, NAAWP demand a Universal Living Wage for every working American.  Poverty can be stopped when corporations are weaned from their addictions of money.  NAAWP is stopping corporate criminal embezzlement. 

The United States and Worldwide Media is censored. There is 50 whites killed by blacks for every black killed by whites.  Why is this not common knowledge?  The government does not want you to know that racial issues are being used to destroy American whites and their culture.

The White population world wide has fallen by 25% this decade. White population in the dame period of time has fallen more than 30%.  American Whites Must United, or we shall surely be destroyed separately.  Eliminate whites and the rich will control more than 97% of the worldwide wealth. 
Since 2000, black America has increased intermarital rates with white women by more than 640%.  White culture and morals in the United States are being destroyed at an accelerating pace, following the genocide of the Native American Indians.

PO BOX 4183    Austin, Texas